Why Tale Wagger Stories?

I firmly believe we should all take advantage of the opportunities that life presents. Follow the path to see where it leads. My path to creating Tale Wagger Stories was completely unplanned and unexpected. I never even imagined writing a children’s story. But, one day I lost my job and was launched into a period of rediscovery.

Through those five months of unemployment, I realized I had the ability to take control of my life. To write my own story, so to speak. What started with a few LinkedIn articles about my new situation led not only to a career change, but also to ideas about a children’s story website, and then to three children’s stories. Each action I took pushed me farther down the path. And I was so much happier! The feeling of empowerment and freedom that I gained through this experience was something I wanted to share, and I felt it was important for others to experience this empowerment at an early age. That is the reason for and the purpose of Tale Wagger Stories.

Children learn the fundamentals of life from day one.  Our hope is that in a loving home, they learn to trust. To love and be loved. To make decisions. To have faith in themselves. To foster relationships. To work well with others. To be sensitive. To be brave and strong. To try new things, but also know when to walk away. All of this with the end goal of successfully shaping their own lives to be who they want to be.  

Obviously, children can’t control their lives at a young age. But, how do we instill the ideas in our children that will give them the empowerment they need as young adults? Story time. It may seem a simple thing, but in those precious moments we have the opportunity to foster anticipation, wonder, creative thoughts, questions, and ideas.

What happens if we engage children in the “action” of story time? Encourage them to ask questions. Ask them what they think. Have them retell the story their own way. Act it out. This type of engagement provides the avenue to build self-confidence, creativity, and a propensity to seek out and discover new options rather than accepting the story the way it is.  They’ll learn to write their own story.    

It is my hope and plan to build on this website with ideas and easy ways to make story time more engaging. I hope you’re intrigued, and I hope you’ll follow my progress as I continue to follow the path.  I can’t tell you where it will lead, and that makes it all the more exciting!  

Empower your child. Share a story.

Tammy Kersey


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