Meet the Illustrator

Lindsey C. Finch

Lindsey Finch is an artist, illustrator, and instructor. Lindsey has been practicing art since she was just a little girl. She started her painting practice with fast-drying acrylics, loving the process of mixing colors and layering thick brush strokes of paint on canvas. Acrylics peaked her interest in painting, but it was oil painting that had her hooked. With a tendency to take her time and enjoy life's experiences, she found that the slow-drying characteristic of oil paint matched her personality and approach to daily life.

After receiving her Masters of Art in Teaching from Christopher Newport University, she fulfilled her life-long goal of becoming an elementary school art teacher and loved the time she spent sharing her knowledge of art with her young students in Ashland, Virginia.

In Lindsey's spare time, she began creating commissioned paintings of dogs for co-workers. Her audience of clients grew quickly and she now enjoys the full-time challenge of capturing the life and personality of animals in the form of a painted image. Illustrating What the Dickens?!?! and Golly-Oodle-Lolly! provided the opportunity and challenge of creating a body of work that reflects a variety of moods, reactions and expressions for the same puppy.

Driven by a deep-seated desire to paint, Lindsey enjoys the challenge of recreating what is observed in reality in a way that has not yet been seen by the eyes of others. For her, painting is a journey, just as in life. Plan what you can and accept the outcome created from a little exploration, experimentation, and faith.