What the Dickens?!?!: The Tale of a Rascally Pup (Paperback)

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What the Dickens?

A new puppy has arrived, bringing unintentional mischief and mayhem to the household.  This little rascal hasn’t learned his manners yet, but now Grandma is coming for a visit. 

Prim and proper, Grandma likes order and polite behavior.  So, what will happen when she meets the newest addition to the family?  As the escapades unfold, eventually reaching an inevitable crescendo, the playful pup learns to become a helpful member of the family and Grandma comes to recognize the outbursts of energy, excitement, and miniature disasters as a simple expression of pure love.

Children's rhyming picture book.  Hard cover case laminate and soft cover options available, with 31 full color illustrations. Perfect for dog lovers and children of all ages. (targeted to ages 4 to 8). 

Author signed copies available!  You'll receive an email when your order is placed asking if you would like your copy signed. 

 Note:  The Kindle version is available for purchase on Amazon.