Today this Rascally Pup's world is going from humdrum to HUMDINGER!! 


He's learned boring words like down, sit and stay.

But if he really listens...WOW! There's so much more to say!

No need for a bumbershoot on this splendiferous day! You and your little ones will be gobsmacked by the kaleidoscope of words that are all around you every day...if you just listen.


Inspire active storytimes, language curiosity and love for reading.

With engaging illustrations!

Draw young children into the story with engaging and captivating illustrations! They won't be able to resist the beautifully illustrated antics of this rascally pup...even when he's sleeping!

Rhyming verse that's fun to repeat!

Instill a love and curiosity for language with catchy rhymes and funny phrases.

TIPS: Let them repeat phrases they enjoy. Play games with the words! Say "lickety-split" or "sweet sticky stuff on a stick" three times fast!

And just the right amount of action!

Keep their attention with constant action from this fun-loving pup!

TIP: Which new words are your child's favorites? Create a wacky word wall! Start with favorite words from the story and add new ones as you discover them together.