Have a rollicking good time...

...As this adorably naughty pup's fascination with Grandma's handkerchief bursts into an explosion of fun!

Will he be able to prove his devotion to the family and win over Grandma's acceptance and love?

A celebration of family, it's the perfect snuggle-down gift for birthdays, new parents (and Grandmas!). Or, just because you need to share a little rascally humor!


Inspire active storytimes, language curiosity and love for reading.

With engaging illustrations!

Draw young children into the story with engaging and captivating illustrations! They won't be able to resist the beautifully illustrated antics of this rascally little pup!

Just the right amount of action!

Keep their attention with constant action from this fun-loving pup!

TIP: Join in the fun! Grab a hankie or washcloth and let your child mimic the action in the story!

Rhyming verse that's fun to repeat!

Instill a love and curiosity for language with catchy rhymes and funny phrases.

TIP: Let them repeat phrases they enjoy. Stop and ask questions for comprehension, like "why did Grandma's lips disappear?"

And a message of love to make them feel safe!

Tuck them in with sweet dreams of warmth and security inspired by the story's comforting message of acceptance and love.

Need to know more? Watch our book trailer below...