Golly-Oodle-Lolly!: One Fine Day with a Rascally Pup (EPUB Version)

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Introducing Book 2 in the Rascally Pup Learns and Grows series. Take our EPUB version with you wherever you go!

Today, this rascally pup’s world is going from humdrum to humdinger!  Wait, what??

Our rascally pup is growing up!  He’s learned mundane words like down, sit, and stay.  But if he REALLY listens…WOW!  There’s so much more to say.


Come along with Dickens on his rollicking boardwalk adventure.  Meet roller skating Eddie with a mound of spaghetti, and Molly as she shops for a huge lollipop.  Who knows what may be around the next corner!

No need for a bumbershoot on this splendiferous day!  You and your little ones will be gobsmacked by the kaleidoscope of fantastical words that are all around you every day…if you just listen.

This charming book with its engaging illustrations and surprising words will spark your child’s curiosity and love for language. Perfect for Pre-K through early elementary school aged children, but don’t be surprised if it grabs the attention of older siblings too. Golly-Oodle-Lolly! Don’t miss a minute of fun…come and explore with Dickens today!

Adults, no worries!  This book also comes with a free What the Dickens Does that Mean?! Cheat Sheet.  Just go to TaleWaggerStories.com/pages/golly for the free download.  If you’re new to the series, don’t miss the first book, What the Dickens?!?!:  The Tale of a Rascally Pup.